Warborough & Shillingford Parish Council is served by seven Councillors and the Parish Council work is delivered through a number of Committees:

  • Finance & General Purposes Committee
  • Environment (including Shillingford Wharf)
  • Maintenance
  • Events
  • Communications
  • Planning

Councillor Paul Duncan
Chairman of the Parish Council

           Councillor Michael Herbert (Vice Chair)           Councillor Eliza Jones                      Councillor Kerry Burbedge                

Councillor Jonnie Bradshaw                     Councillor Bill Pattison                       Councillor Patrick Elder


Please find a table of Councillor duties here


If you wish to contact a Councillor then please do so via the clerk by

email clerk@warboroughparishcouncil.org or by telephone 07756 199480


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Other local representatives:

John Howell MP
Member of Parliament
Tel:  0207 219 6676
Email:  howelljm@parliament.uk

Website:  http://www.johnhowellmp.com/

District Councillor VACANT
South Oxfordshire District Council Representative

County Councillor Lorraine Lindsay-Gale
Oxfordshire County Council Representative
Tel:  01865 858976
Email:  lorraine.lindsay-gale@oxfordshire.gov.uk

The Parish Council is supported by:

Parish Clerk - Joey Colchester-Hall
Tel:  07756 199480
Email:  clerk@warboroughparishcouncil.org