Warborough Parish Council


Minutes of Finance & General Purposes Committee

19th May 2014 held at 5 Henfield View, Warborough


  • Michael Herbert
  • Anne Brewer
  • Will Partridge            
  • J Burns - Clerk

14/01    To review the asset list. Jubilee stone added.

The new stage sound system is to be added. Action: Clerk.

It was noted that the Rod Eyot seat and the village notice boards need maintenance


14/02    To review the capital balance.

The bank balance as at the end of March 2014 was £9,113.23. This was due to spending on the Greet Hall project. Several payments were held over until April, when the first half of the precept and the major grant from SODC was received. Action: Clerk to complete full details for the internal audit.


14/03    To conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of Warborough Parish Council’s system of internal control.

The accounts are reviewed monthly by 2 Councillors. We have a 2 signature cheque system once the clerk has prepared a cheque listing supported by invoices to be paid. Bank statements are reconciled monthly and signed by 2 Clrs. Purchase orders are only issued by the Clerk. British Telecom remains the sole Direct Debit. MH proposed that our system of internal control is adequate and works well for the PC. Agreed by committee.


14/04    To confirm payment to the RFO for compilation of the Annual Accounts &     review Clerk/RFO salary based on OALC review.

MH proposed recommending a payment of £500pa for the preparation of the annual audit. AB seconded the proposal. Supported by WP. 

The Clerk’s pay rate has remained the same since 2010. The Greet Hall grants increased the Clerk’s workload beyond the job description, this will be payable by an honorarium of £1,100. All Cllrs agreed.

The Clerk’s pay rate is equivalent to SCP24, payable from April 2014. A monthly salary of £328.50 based on 30 hours pcm.


14/05    To confirm payment to the Greet Hall Caretaker and review payment for the forthcoming year.

The caretaker fee has been £100pcm for the past 12 years. MH proposed a salary of £200pcm as at April 2014. AB agreed. MH proposed paying an honorarium to the caretaker in recognition of duties over and above what is required during the Greet Hall project of £250. AB agreed.

It was also recommended that the booking clerk administrative fee be increased to £30/quarter. This will be reviewed annually.


14/06    To review the insurance policies.    

The 3 year LTA with Came & Co ends this September. Cllrs are happy with the existing cover provided. Cllrs agree to seek alternative quotes and review the inclusion of insurance for the car boot sales. Action: Clerk


14/07  To develop a new Pavilion rental policy/contract.

Hold over.


14/08    AOB

Raffle Licence – Cllrs agreed to take out a licence in the Council’s name. The licence is valid for 5 years. Action: Clerk to raise a cheque for £40 payable to SODC. Expenditure approved by all Cllrs. Signed.

This document is available for download here