Work to the Greet Hall

By the time this is published, the Greet Hall should have completed its programme of improvements.   New heating and lighting will have been installed inside and improved stage lighting will also have been completed.  The new roof should also be complete, with improved and supplemented insulation, replaced timbers where necessary, new felt and battening and 24,000 new tiles - only 10% of the originals were worth saving.  The red tile colour will tone down with the weather and age. Our thanks go to Will Partridge, whose time and hard work has made this renovation possible.

An approach has been made concerning improvements to the kitchen of the Greet Hall and the Council would like to help facilitate this.  Kate Day will be collating a list of those individuals and organisations who support improvements and anyone who might advise on layout and equipment.

The Green

The Parish Council owns the Green and has a duty to protect it for posterity. It is worth noting that properties on the Green do not have automatic legal right of way over the Green, this having been granted by the council for agreed access in specific places only.  

At the January meeting the Parish Council adopted the following motion:

“To protect the land, noted as owned by the Parish Council and outlined in pink (and/or hatched) on the Parish Land Registry map, from vehicle damage where necessary.”

The land in question is the verge running from outside The Old Bakery, up to and including The Rod Eyot and the grassed area around the entrance to the Greet Hall, as below.


There have been some delays in implementing the agreed plans to protect certain areas of The Green from vehicular damage. The next three steps will be:

  1. Install further wooden bollards at three of the corners of the asphalted area outside the Six Bells (the forth is protected by a lime tree). Those on the Quaker Cottage corner will extend some way opposite the cottage. This will happen in the next week or so.
  2. Lay grass reinforcement (a plastic grid through which grass can grow) to the west side of the above asphalted area. This will not now be able to run the full length of that side, as we now understand that the lime tree at the top has a “root protection area” where this cannot be done. It will run for 14 meters from the Six Bells end and be 5 meters deep. Consideration was given to laying grass reinforcement on the east side instead. Unfortunately, this is not practical due to the protection areas required for the trees on that side. This will be done in March and the area will be unavailable until the new grass is established.
  3. In early summer wooden bollards will be installed along The Green South from Rose Cottage to the old chapel and on the diagonal track.

Residents will be informed before the work is due to begin.


The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th January in the Greet Memorial hall.