PAGE - Parishes Against Gravel Extraction - has reformed to fight a new wave of sand and gravel extraction plans from Oxfordshire County Council.

PAGE is an alliance of eight Parish Councils from the local area, with Warborough Parish Council having a central role.   The other seven Parish Councils are Benson, Berinsfield, Berrick Salome, Dorchester, Drayton St Leonard, Newington and Stadhampton.

Sand and gravel extraction is proposed in the big fields between Warborough and Benson, and the fields between Warborough and Dorchester.

In 2003, PAGE successfully defended our villages against OCC gravel extraction proposals, but won on a technicality.  Today, we have a much large fight on our hands as this technicality has been effectively removed and we now have to defend ourselves with a much more detailed and robust set of arguments.  

To achieve this we will require the support of local residents to oppose the plans with letter-writing, petitions and other forms of protest. And your financial support will help PAGE to fund the expert reports and professional representation required to fight these proposals.

To find out more about the PAGE Campaign, please come to the Public Meeting in the Greet Hall on Saturday 10 April at 11am.

Please visit the PAGE website and sign-up for the email newsletters.  If you are on Facebook, please join the PAGE Group to show your support.  And if you are on Twitter, please follow PAGE for the latest campaign news.

The proposed areas around Warborough and Shillingford are detailed below (the map is from the Oxfordshire County Council website):

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