Oxfordshire County Council are conducting a review of speed limitswithin the county.  They have proposed that the A4074 from the Dorchester turn to Shillingford be changed from the national speed limit to a 40mph restriction:


The public notice can be viewed on the Oxford Mail website.

The change to a 40mph restriction between the Dorchester turn and Shillingford appears straightfoward (red area marked on the map above).  However, on closer examination of the proposal, the County Council wish to move the 30mph zone from its current position to a position closer to the Shillingford village sign. This would mean that several residents on the outskirts of the village will see a change from 30mph restriction to a 40mph restriction outside their homes (pink area marked on the map above).

As part of the consultation process, the Parish Council spoke with the residents concerned. 

The Parish Council decided to support the introduction of the 40mph restriction from the Dorchester turn to Shillingford (red area), but agreed to oppose the changes to the 30mph area (pink area) on the grounds of road safety.

The Parish Council also made representations to our County Councillor, Lorraine Lindsay-Gale, and directly to the Highways department at Oxfordshire County Council.

The final decision will be made at County level in January 2010.  If approved, the change(s) will be made at some point in 2010.