Warborough Parish Council is served by seven Councillors.

Councillor Michael Herbert
Chairman of the Parish Council
Tel:  01865 858213
Email:  michael.herbert@warboroughparishcouncil.org

Councillor Anne Brewer
Tel:  01865 858123
Email:  anne.brewer@warboroughparishcouncil.org

Councillor Nigel Stanley
Tel:  01865 859938
Email:  nigel.stanley@warboroughparishcouncil.org

Councillor Will Partridge
Vice-Chair of the Parish Council
Tel:  01865 858412
Email:  will.partridge@warboroughparishcouncil.org

Councillor Dominic Carter
Tel:  01865 858638
Email: dominic.carter@warboroughparishcouncil.org

Councillor Karin Van Vrede
Email:  karin.vanvrede@warboroughparishcouncil.org

Councillor John Bradshaw
Email:  john.brawshaw@warboroughparishcouncil.org 

If you wish to contact all the Councillors in a single email, then please send an email to councillors@warboroughparishcouncil.org


The Parish Council work is delivered through a number of Committees:

Finance & General Purposes Committee

Environment (including Shillingford Wharf)







The Parish Council is supported by:

Parish Clerk - Jo Burns
Tel:  01865 858444
Email:  clerk@warboroughparishcouncil.org

Greet Hall Booking Clerk - Will Partridge
Tel:  01865 858412
Email:  will.partridge@warboroughparishcouncil.org 


Other local representatives:

District Councillor Marc Hiles
South Oxfordshire District Council Representative
Email:  marc.hiles@btinternet.com

County Councillor Lorraine Lindsay-Gale
Oxfordshire County Council Representative
Tel:  01865 858976
Email:  lorraine.lindsay-gale@oxfordshire.gov.uk

John Howell MP
Member of Parliament
Tel:  0207 219 6676
Email:  howelljm@parliament.uk
Website:  http://www.johnhowellmp.com/