• The Greet Hall (map)
  • Thame Rd
  • Warborough, OX10 7DH
  • United Kingdom

To all members of the council

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Warborough Parish Council to be held in the Greet Hall on Wednesday 2nd July at 7:30pm for the purpose of transacting the following business

Jo Burns 26th June 2014





2014/96        To accept apologies and reason for absence

2014/97        Declarations of interest. (existence and nature) with regards to items on the agenda

2014/98        Public participation with respect to items on the agenda  ** see below

2014/99        Representations from the public (limited to 15 mins.)

2014/100    County Councillors Report

2014/101    District Councillors Report

2014/102    To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council AGM held on 4th June 2014

2014/103    Review action list from the Parish Council AGM held on 4th June 2014        

2014/104    Committee Reports

        Recreation – Cricket Club mowing contract, Play areas

        Environment – The Green Project Bollards, Trees


            Events – Warborough Fayre



2014/105    Responsible Financial Officer's report

a) Parish Council internal auditory checks, monthly summaries, signed and complete

b) To approve and sign cheques

2014/106    Correspondence received

2014/107    Any other business – for noting or inclusion on future agendas




The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 3rd September.

** Warborough Parish Council’s policy is to encourage public participation at meetings therefore before each agenda item is discussed the Chairman will ask members of the public to make it known if they wish to address the Council on the item.

No speech shall exceed 3 minutes – either by a member of the public or a councillor. Time allowed for the item of business (max. of two members of the public speakers).

Councillors with a predujucial interest can speak under the Model Code but will have to leave the room when the item is discussed in council.